Monday, May 8, 2017

Pete's Retreat

We stayed for a week and LOVED this campground!! Everyone was very friendly and respectful. It was such a relaxing environment and very kid friendly. We definitely will be going back!! Thanks for a wonderful time Pete's:)
Shaun, Linda, Logan, Hailey Williams 

April is here and the countdown has begun. New year, new camper, new neighbors and new fun times. We love our family time and the friends we have made over the years. Save your time looking and get your family to Petes for the best camping around!

I am so excited to get back to Pete's. Pete's was the first campground we've ever been to and went there every year, and now last year we got a seasonal. I've been counting the days 49 days to go! :)
Ed Bennek 

Cant wait to start our third season as seasonals,I can't think of a better place to be at than Pete's. We are so excited to start making more memories in our new camper now we just need May 1st to hurry up and get here!!!
Kevin & Jen Vevea 

Thank You for a beautiful campground and a wonderful weekend. The care that is given to keep things tip top shape is obvious the moment you pull in to the driveway. We had a wonderful time, we WILL be back!!!
The Vevea's Troy, Tabitha, Anthony and Tristan Trebesch 

less then 2 weeks till opener weekend, we are so excited to get up there and see our favorite weekend get away, petes retreat ROCKS!
John Wichman 

Newbie is term our camping group calls first time campers.Most families start out as newbies. I have some friends or newbies who just bought their first travel trailer and the first thing they asked is where is a good place to go? I'll always tell them the best place to go is Pete's Retreat.
Bob,Shona, max, and Stew Pulk 

This is our fourth year! Joan and Dennis are two of the BEST campground owners you will ever meet. We have been to alot of camp grounds in the last 10 years and we can say by far this is the BEST!
John & Chris Wichman 

This will be our 4th Memorial Day weekend. We are looking forward to seeing Dennis and Joan, they treat us like family. We have gone to many different campgrounds, but always come back to Pete's as it is one of the cleanest campgrounds we have found and love to see the new things they have added. We love the ICE CREAM and think this year that Joan should sound a horn or send up a flare when switching ice cream flavors.
Darrin, Tessa, Brendon and Haleea Babcock 

Haleea is already talking about camping at Pete's this year! This will be our 3rd year at Pete's and we look forward to coming back every year. They enjoy the activities every weekend the best! Thanks for everything Joan and Dennis! Haleea is counting down the days until she can see Dale again!
Rick, Kris, Richard, Arik and Hannah Schwanke

This will be our fourth year at Pete's as seasonal campers and we absolutely love it. Before becoming seasonal campers, we were weekend campers spending alot of time at different campgrounds and none can compare to Pete's. Dennis and Joan run a very family orientated, organized and clean campground. We are very blessed to be a part of the Pete's seasonal family. We can't wait for the season to begin and to see all of our wonderful friends that we have made. Its so fun and my kids love swimming in the pool i can't wait to go again.
Stacie, Scott, Sierra and Griffin Banks 

We're loving our first season at Pete's. We've felt nothing but welcome and have enjoyed meeting new families. Our daughter Sierra has probably met your dog! Griffin our 1yr 10 mos. old says "I go to camper at "Pizza Treat" Thanks for the Fun!
Mark, Sara and Christopher Neill 

We have camped here several times and finally decided to become seasonal last year. We love it here and look forward to the 2009 season. We have met a lot a friends and Joan and Dennis are the best!
Kevin, Kelly, Nicholas, Emily and Hailey Carlson 

Okay it is March 4th and Nick is still saying, "I go pampin at pete's" He is only 3 years old but he knows a good campground when he see's it. I was able to work PT for a hobby weekend for Coates RV Center at this year's camping show and got to see a few familiar "Pete's Faces" and we can't wait for the camping season to begin. I kind of spread the word about Pete's to people that had seasonals at other campgrounds and a familiar response was, "Our campground does not offer that" or "where is this place? "we will have to check them out". See you in a couple months.

Tony, Penny, Tyler, Hayley, Jacob, and Erin Walsh 

We're starting to count down the days at our house and the quarter saving has begun....we cannot wait for our 2nd season at Pete's. We love everything about it...from the amazing owners, Joan and Dennis, to all the fun weekends! We cannot wait for summer to come!
Annette and Chris and Molly and Maddy Pull 

We came to Petes Retreat in Sept 2008. We had such a great first month at Pete's! We came from a camp ground in Miltona Mn we were at as seasonals for 3 years. We were so sick of all the loud partiers! We felt so fortunate to be at Petes Retreat as it is a family camp ground! The people are all so nice! Our girls love all the activities. We also love getting our ice cream and treats up at the lodge. We always are so welcome at the lodge and we love that! We are really excited to meet more people at Pete's. Please come by our site to see us and have a pop. We love to meet new people! If you like to play mexican train stop by for a fun game!
Chad and Amy Coleman 

We have been seasonal campers since 2006. We absolutely love it and enjoy the activities that are planned each weekend. Our 2 boys love being there and especially like all the new friends they have made. Pete's Retreat is a 5 star campgroud. You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer place to stay!!
Mike and Krista Brinkman

We just finished our first year as seasonal campers at Petes. We have had seasonal sites at other campgrounds and NOTHING compares to Petes Retreat! Dennis and Joan are the best. Everyone is so friendly. We are sad the season ended, but are already planning for next season!! My kids cant wait to see their friends again!!
Heidi LeMieur 
During the summer months our family is rarely home. We try to camp as much as we can. Camping at Pete's is almost addictive! Our two girls (ages 4 1/2 and 2 1/2) don't want to leave when Sunday rolls around. From the weekend activities to splashing in the pool, we are always having a great time! Pete's is hands down the best campground we have ever been to!! Thanks to Dennis and Joan for creating such a great family hide-away!! 

Camping at Pete's is awesome. Dennis & Joan are some of the nicest people ever, definitely the nicest campground owners we have met. There is always something going on at Pete's. Our daughter is never bored when we are there. I also love how big the sites are and how clean everything is. It is very well kept and no detail is missed. They make it feel like a TRUE family campground.
Dusti Borg 

Staying at Pete's makes it difficult to go anywhere else, as they just don't compare! From the size of the sites, to the activities and hospitality, they do a great job! Everything is kept very clean, geared towards families in every aspect -- you can't go wrong when you stay at Pete's. Thanks for everything you do!

I've stayed here multiple times and have LOVED it. The people are so nice from the tiny kids to the adults and being a teen makes it all worth it to see the range of activities that Pete's offers that appeals to my age along with the little kids to. - Thanks Pete's :)

the planned Activities are GREAT!!!!
Abby & Allie Wichman 

This will be my sister and I 4th time coming up to Pete's Retreat.We always love coming up on memorial day weekend to enjoy the new and exiciting activities.When we stay there we always create new and enjoyable memories.My favorite part of going up there is to devour one of their delicious ice cream cones.My sister's favorite part is going swimming in their heated pool.By far we agree that Pete's Retreat is our favorite out of our other camping sities, because of the great service and beautiful camp sities. 

This campground is the greatest for kids activities. The activities are not just geared for the little children all age ranges are covered. Joanie always comes up with the greatest/unique activities. The activities are never the same! Awesome times always!! 
Sandy VonDeLinde 

With 60 degree weather, I'm ready to camp! See you all soon.
Jeff & Dorothy Gaffaney 

My wife and I just spent two wonderful days at Pete's. Bar non it is the nicest campground we have stayed at in MN. Very clean, wide level camping areas, shaded, very well kept. You can tell the owners take great pride in this facility. Great for kids and adults with the very nice pool. Very quite and relaxing. Staff was extremely friendly. Will definitely be returning. Loved it!!!!!!
Shaun, Linda, Logan, Hailey Williams 

The countdown has begun. Looking forward to another great season at a great campground. We LOVE our summers at Pete's Retreat!
Barb Callahan 

This is a wonderful CG, clean, meticulous grounds, friendly staff, quiet at night, would surely stay again
Shaun, Linda, Logan, Hailey Williams 

Here we are counting the days for our return. New days and new adventures. Pete's Retreat rules......
Pat & Terry 

We will be starting our 3rd season at Pete's May 01 Snow or Shine! With a new season comes new adventures. See you soon!!
Tori Johannes 

Soooo ready for the snow and cold to go away so we can start visiting our favorite (and only!) campground -- Pete's Retreat!!!
Pat & Terry 

Well It's almost time to return to our summer home. It will be exciting to see the neighbors, and meet new friends. Pat and I made the big leap. Spent 3 years of hauling the 27' Cherokee TT. We spent our first summer as seasonal at Pete's last summer. Talk about changing camping lifestyles. Well we made some changes over the winter. We moved sites (moved across the street. Replaced the TT with a 5th wheel. As with all changes come a few bumps in the road. This is were our fellow campers come in. Don't get me wrong , we are going to really enjoy our new 5th Wheel. BUT, one problem, I have a 1/2 ton Dodge pick up. I need advise, on what type of pick up to purchase? So if you see me out wondering, looking a little too long or have that lost look, I am just looking at your pick up. Feel free to assist me with your wisdom, failures. I hope I'm not the only one that has made a mistake or two. BUT, buying a 5th wheel without a pick up to haul it, is more than a little mistake. Actually that was our choice. Find a 5th wheel we liked, then purchase a pick up to haul it. We just weren't planning on doing it so soon. I am retired, Pat is 3 or 2 yrs. away from retirement.I say 3 or 2 yrs for a reason. Pat can go in 2 yrs. but push the wrong button and she is out of there. But would like to make it another 3 yrs. Feel free to stop by and visit and gives us advice to what type of pick up to purchase. receiver hitch to purchase. Wish you all to have a GREAT summer!
Annette and Chris Pull 

We are so excited to start our 5th year at Pete's! Patty does such a nice job with the flowers! Joan and Dennis are the best! We always have a great relaxing time when we are at our camper! I can not think of a place I would like to be more! We are site 8. Stop by and see my flowers Patty does for me in my side planter! I am always so proud of them. I love to show them off!
The Carlsons 

Is it May 1st yet? Can't wait for camping this year again at Pete's
Mike ( Oak ) Watts 

what a awesome time we had here at Pete`s , good people great times we will be back again and again , maybe even become seasonals.
Shaun, Linda, Logan & Hailey Williams 

Holy cow. April 23rd means only 1 thing. Pete's camping begins. We are looking forward to another great summer and enjoying the xperiences from a wonderful campgound and its hosts. Don't miss it!
The Carlsons 

April 1st, only one month to go until the camping season is finally here.
Sandee Kustermann 

I am a Grandma who gets to visit my Grandchildren at Pete's Retreat. I love it here you can do as little or as much as you chose to do. The best thing is that there is a lot of safe things for the kids to do!
cecelia and tori 

Pete's Retreat is the best campground ever! You will never get bored because there is so much to do. Dennis and Joanie are the nicest hosts you can ever ask for. Everyone is friendly to each other, too. You can sleep well because it is so quiet at night. Gotta go check out the BIG ice cream cones Joanie makes for you..... mmmmm!!! Love this place! Is it Spring yet?!?!
Shaun, Linda, Logan, Hailey Williams 

Is it April already? Why yes it is and we can't wait to get back to our summer fest at Pete's. Times are fun for all and the kids are pumped to ride around without training wheels this year. Looking forward to pizza in lodge and campfires. See you there!

The Carlson's 
We keep watching the web site and see today now there are only 3 seasonal spots left. If you are considering a seasonal spot you will not find any other nicer than the seasonal family at Pete's. So what are you waiting for, join the fun and become a seasonal camper. You don't have to worry about reservations, you can camp anytime you want during the camping season, just pack some clothes and groceries and head up to the camper. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to become a seasonal camper at an exceptional campground.
Kelly, Kevin, Nick, Emily and Hailey Carlson 

We are counting down the days at our house until the opening of Pete's again. This will be our 3rd season as seasonal campers at Pete's, can't see ourselves going anywhere else.
Tony, Karen,Justin, Breanna, and Adam Linn 

We made a weekend reservation for Memorial day and decided we liked it so much we took a seasonal that same weekend and have been there ever since. Dennis and Joan do a great job and are always making improvements. we love it there , I give it 5 stars *****
Bill, Cookie and Willie Peterson 

We love Pete's !! The sites are so big and everything is so clean.Maybe someday we will get a seasonal site. We have never been disappointed by anything at Pete's.The only bad thing about Pete's is having to wait until it's warm enough to go. We miss you guys and can hardly wait.
Love, Bill, Cookie and Willie

Here it is already February 2010 and my kids can't wait to get back to the camper for this years camping season. We have been a seasonal now for a few years and have nothing but great things to say about Petes. From the hayrides and kids activities to the pool and the lodge, this is by far one of the best campgrounds around. Keep up the great work Dennis and Joan!, we will be seeing you soon.
Rick, Kris, Richard, Arik and Hannah Schwanke 

This will be our fourth year as seasonal campers at Pete's and we just love being a part of the campground family. Out of all the campgrounds we have been to in our years of camping, Pete's far out measures all of them. If you want a friendly, clean, family camping experience Pete's will provide that for you and your family. Dennis and Joan are the best!!!!!!!!
Kevin, Kelly, Nick, Emily & Hailey Carlson 

It is only January 2nd and we are already excited about the upcoming camping season at Pete's. Camping season is only 5 months away
Jon Mortenson 

Not too long ago my wife asked when we were going to take our vacation. And of course i didn't know- so she suprised me and made reservations at pete's. With a big smile and quickly agreed that pete's was the place to go again this year the whole family is anxious to be going back this year. Thanks to everyone at Pete's for making our camping vacation a tradition at Pete's for many years to come...
Kevin, Kelly, Nick & Emily Carlson 

We are nearing the end of our 2nd year as seasonal campers at Pete's. The summer has been great and we look forward to another season at Pete's next year.
Jon Mortensom 

Just got home from being at Pete's Retreat. The whole family had fun and they all thought each site was very roomy and everyone was so nice and helpful we are considering going back up there next year. We will highly recommend Pete's Retreat to everyone that asks us where there is a very good campground to go to.
Carolyn and Gary Guck 

This will be our 4th season at Pete's. We enjoy it so much that we traded in our pull camper for a Park Model. Can't wait to see all our fellow Campers and meet the new comers.

We have been at petes for three years and there is nothing like it. Joan and Dennis are great we always have a good time and my grand children have learned that camping is coming and of course they know when halloween is at petes. It a great place to share family times and we sure have had three great years.
Kevin, Kelly, Nick and Emily Carlson 

Is it SPRING yet? We just received our post card from Pete's reminding us about the upcoming camping shows and seasonal winter get together. Looking forward to getting back camping, see you end of April if not before.
Kevin, Kelly, Nicholas, Emily and Hailey Carlson 

We just finished our first "seasonal" camping season ever and we chose Pete's Retreat for several reasons. My wife and I have been campers since we have been together, almost 12 years. Each campground we went to we sort of interviewed the campground for the potential of being our seasonal campground someday. From the North Shore, to NW Wisconsin, to Brainerd and and all, we found it was difficult to compare any other campground to Pete's Retreat. The sites are huge, the shower/bath houses are always clean and it truely is a family run campground as you will see the kids doing something all the time whether it be picking up garbage, light lawn work, cleaning the bathrooms etc. No other campground compares in our opinion to the experience you get when you stay at Pete's Retreat. We are already signed up to return as seasonals next year in 2009 and look forward to meeting more of the campers too. Dennis and Joan run a pretty tight ship which is good, it's the first campground we have stayed at that you don't hear the drunk yelling from the other end of the campground all night long. We like it at Pete's and look forward to the times when we can go camping. Think Spring!!
Paul and Lori Wisnewski 

We camped twice at Pete's Retreat during summer 2008 and had a great time! Our children really enjoyed it, the campground is so safe we don't worry about them going out on their own with the other children. If you camp there in 2009, be sure to look for us, we hope to be there several weekends!
Tina & Steve Buscher 

Pete's Retreat is by far the greatest camping experience a family can have. The sites are huge, the facilities are very clean, the owners/staff are very friendly, and there are themed activities every week-end. We love Pete's Retreat and look forward to camping there in 2009!
Mark Danzl 

Dennis and Joan are family friends and we have camped at Pete's Retreat a few times and have had a lot of fun. Sites are HUGE and very clean. Bathrooms have always been very clean and every year they add more activities for the entire family. Fishing and Golf are close so most people can find things to do pretty easily. Keep up the great work Dennis and Joan. :-) :-)
Lorne & Jayne Lund 

Pete's Retreat has got to be our favorite campground anywhere, and you'd be hard pressed to find a more family oriented place! We have visited in a group with other families and also on our own - and we always have a great time! It can be as active or as relaxed as you choose. Dennis and Joan are both so helpful and friendly -- and the pride they take in their campground is obvious. They could have built at least twice as many sites, but the size and layout of their sites proves quality is way better than quantity! The only thing we don't like about it is that it is too far away from us to have a seasonal site there -- but we'll be back for at least a couple of weekends every year!
Russ & Jodi Hale 

We love coming to Pete's Retreat every year. Pete and Joan are awesome hosts and the theme weekends are a riot!
Al & Sandy Schmeling 

We LOVE Pete's Retreat!!! Whether we are camping with our kids and their families or just by ourselves every trip has been great! We love how everything (grounds, shower houses, pool area,playgrounds) are so clean. What a great place to go to relax.
Cindy Harrison 

We have always loved Petes. It is a beautiful,safe,and fun campground. The grounds are top notch and immaculately maintained. Its also a great place for our kids. It is the best campground!!!!
Jason Walkowiak 

You will not find nicer camp sites than what Dennis and Joan have to offer. We look forward to every weekend when we can be out there. Pete's Retreat is great place for families. Keep up the good work guys!

We always have a great time when we are here. We have been to alot of campgrounds and this campground far outdoes any of them that we have been to. Guaranteed to have an awesome, wholesome, and fun time while staying here!!
Carl Bullen 

We had the best time ever. What a clean fun campground..

Pete's Retreat

We stayed for a week and LOVED this campground!! Everyone was very friendly and respectful. It was such a relaxing environment and very kid ...